Bonnie Provencal


Todays tips to grow your Revenue and Income!

  1. Figure out WHY you want the money!
  2. Take Responsibility!
  3. Get Real about your Desires!

What Would You Do With More Money?

– Hire Someone?… Fire Someone?
– Expand your business? … Sell your business?
– Move to a new house?  … Buy a new Car?
– Finally start investing in your future? … or spend on yourself today?
– Stay Married? … Get Divorced?

How Would You FEEL With More Money?

– Confident?
– Powerful?
– Secure?
– Happy?
– Like you should run because the cops are on your tail?

It is no secret that in order to have a thriving business… and life, we need Money. You can call it revenue, sales, profit, margin,cash flow, or if you prefer chedda, moola, dinero, dough, dollas… what you call it doesn’t matter! The point is to have a life that is free of financial uncertainty you need to have a way to ensure you have some of this green (or red, or yellowish) stuff flowing into your bank account!

Despite some opinions you don’t have to LIE, CHEAT or STEAL to earn more money! You have to take Focused Purposeful ACTION! 

What kind of action is needed to get more of that colourful stuff flowing and growing? …. Sales actions!!

You have to get out there and put yourself in front of people who are excited to buy your products and services… because there are tons of people out there that have a problem that your business solves and they are willing to trade thier money for a solution!!

Action Step Number 1:  Take Responsibility! 

Whatever is kicking ass… or sucking ass in your sales department right now is because of you! Whether you are the one directly in charge of making the sales or if you have delegated this task to someone else, you are the one who has the power to grow your numbers!

If I am at the grocery store and my kids are being absolute heathens, I have two choices…

1. I can say “man these kids are sure bad kids. I am doomed, I can’t take them anywhere” or

2. I can say “man these kids obviously haven’t been properly taught how to act in a grocery store, or there is something that is causing them to behave in this way. I’m sure as a parent there is something I can do to educate myself and guide them better so they can learn how to act in public!” 

One choice is empowering… You cannot influence something you don’t take responsibility for! 

One choice is dis-empowering …You cannot influence something you don’t take responsibility for! 

Action Step Number 2: Get REAL about how much you want to earn!

One of the biggest mistakes most people make in life is they settle. They use softeners and excuses to extinguish whatever burning desires they may have to make it “ok” not to do scary things!  We do this crazy shit as a defense mechanism to protect our ego! My version goes a little something like this…

When I quit my nice comfortable salary job, I told myself and my family that all was good! Nothing to fear here! It would all be “ok” that if in the first year of working for myself I only earned 20K or so. We could live with less, do less, have less. We didn’t need any of those “finer” things in life… “Sorry sweety, no piano lessons this year. Mommy decided my happiness was more important than yours. That means there will be no more activities, vacations, or snacks. But don’t frown, just be grateful that we are alive and try not to have any desires that are going to cost money, okay? …

Telling yourself not to have any desires for more, is exactly like me telling my 6 year old not to want anything that costs money!

We totally play this game with ourselves all the time! We lie and trick ourselves into saying we don’t care, when we do. We don’t want things, when we do. We are fine with whatever we get… You know the line “you get what you get and you don’t get upset”… That’s some bull-shit if I ever heard it… but please don’t tell my kids because I use this all the time when they are fighting over what color of cup they get at breakfast!!

The thing is we all want to feel good about where we are at… and don’t get me wrong gratitude and appreciation for where you are at is important… but if you truly want to experience the life you desire then there has to be appreciation and DIS-Satisfaction at the same time! 

If you want to take action, you have to be REAL with yourself and what you TRULY want to create in your life and for your life… (or in my case for my wife, and my kids!)


To Your Success!

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