In This Week’s Article:  How to make sure you accomplish the most important thing this year.

I say to my wife over and over that I am so grateful 2020 didn’t hit in 2018… if it had I might just be a divorced alcoholic still in court fighting over my debt and children in court! (No Shame to anyone who is there!)

…. but seriously December 2018 was an all time low for me, and I was fortunate enough to be able to turn it around, but the turn around didn’t come from what you may think! I didn’t all of a sudden have an epiphany and start waking up at 5am and add a bunch of stuff to my already jam packed schedule!

Usually when we want to grow, improve or achieve we think of things that we HAVE TO START DOING! But the crazy thing is I was able to make changes because of what I STOPPED doing! Believe me I was in no place to add more crap to my calendar! IT WAS ALREADY AT MAX CAPACITY!

For the past 15 years I had tried the strategy of working MORE, HARDER, LONGER, BETTER… and I was completely spent! Some days I would walk into our office at a 90 degree angle because I was so stressed and tense that my back muscles would lock up! Even my body was telling me NO MORE!

If you have something you want to START DOING, it needs to replace something in your life that it is in opposition with. Improvement comes from focusing on something that will have a profound difference on many areas of your life. Positive changes have a ripple effect (sad to say… so do negative ones!)

I eventually made a choice to start putting what was truly the most important to me first. That meant I needed to put myself and my relationships in front of earning money. See up until that point in my life I thought that was what I was doing. I was putting my family first by staying in a job that paid well in cash but was emotionally leaving me constantly overdrawn!

When I got my priorities straight I said NO to:
– Taking my family for granted – My personal life is truly a miracle that I am PRIVILEGED to have! … (no, really)
– Drinking Alcohol – I started drinking Bubly instead
– Eating only bagels, pizza and chocolate chip granola bars
– Doing work that didn’t make me fulfilled or happy.
– Resenting my wife for “making me” quit my construction business (I finally took ownership 5 years later)
– Letting money dictate every decision I made
– Watching TV
– Listening to Music
– Sleeping In
– Feeling sorry for myself
– Complaining


Believe me, I am still a work in progress.. we all are!

Instead of getting overwhelmed with what you need to get done this year make a list of the things you want to say no to… it doesn’t have to be NO, forever, but what is going to get in the way of your most important goals?

Make room for success!

Until Next Time My Friends… Keep Making Progress!

– Bonnie

P.S.  If you are curious about the most important thing on my plate; it is always my family… Everything I do is in an effort to grow, learn and be better so I can love and support them in their lives and adventures.
… I hope to help others do the same in the process. I am only fulfilled and energized when I contribute to others in a meaningful way. I appreciate you being a part of my community and helping me live my dream every day!

On my plate for 2021.

– Love and Support my wife in working full time and pursuing per passions.
– Love and Support my 4 children to ensure they grow into secure, responsible and fulfilled young adults
– Grow Proven Progress to reach more people and improve more lives, businesses and families
– Take 9 psych courses at U of L towards my degree
– HOPEFULLY Coach Minor Basketball and Softball teams! (PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE be sports this year! )

I would love for you to share your goals with me! Putting your goals in writing increases the chances of their accomplishment by 50% so do tell! I would love to help cheer you on… No Strings attached!

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