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I help people make positive, lasting changes that improve the quality of thier lives and relationships!(It all starts with you!) 




Bonnie Provencal | Coach and Speaker 

Life is constantly getting in the way of our most important goals!

I used to think “I would be a great parent if I didn’t have to work! I would have an amazing income and career if I didn’t have kids! I would be in way better shape if I didn’t have so many things on my plate! I would cook more and eat out less if we weren’t so busy!

These are all the excuses I used to make to feel better about how I was failing in many areas of my life. I would wake up every day feeling exhausted, frustrated and uninspired. It was like I was living every single day on repeat with no joy, excitement or fulfillment.

After years of struggling I finally decided to be courageous enough to take responsibility and make much needed changes. From my own experience I can tell you with certainty it is possible to change how you feel every day!  You can wake up energized and excited for the day. You can have energy for your most important goals. You can have thriving relationships with your family and a fulfilling, financially successful career!

I am actively studying Psychology at The University of Lethbridge and I am a (Tony) Robbins (Cloe) Madanes Trained Coach. What does that mean?  … I am obsessed with why people do the things they do… and why we choose NOT to do the things that we KNOW are going to move us forward!

Let me help you understand what is holding you back and teach you how hack your daily habits (which are in direct correlation with your daily results!)


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